2020 36/300 Thunderbird Regatta Results



The Mesa Model Yacht Club held its annual 36/600 Thunderbird Regatta on Saturday January 11th at Dobson pond. The winds were coming from the east in the early morning making it a reach but by 11:00 the wind shifted to the Northeast making the racing a great windward – leeward course. The winds picked up to 3-7 MPH providing excellent tacking.

The fleet was well matched and close all day. 5 different skippers scored bullets but Ray Dagenais was the most consistent and took top honors. Rob and Dirk battled for 2 place and Jerry and Phil tied for 4th place with Jerry winning the tie breaker with 2 bullets.

The following are the top finishers.

Ray Dagenais        17  points

Dirk Brewer           22  points

Rob Shaw              27  points

Jerry Muridge       33  points

Phil Meyrick          33  points

Thanks to everyone for help setting up and cleaning. Our next Regatta is the 36/600 State championship on Saturday February 8th.

See you at the pond,

Rob Shaw

Race Director

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